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Read on to find out what some of our "Rebooters" loved about the Challenge, and hear why they would recommend it.


"My Reboot experience was amazing.  The program has really made me stop and think about my exercise, fitness, what I eat, what I drink, and my bad habits that I wanted to change.  Gemma's support throughout was fantastic, she is an extremely motivating, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer and her enthusiasm is infectious. The support from the other members of the group is also motivating and they were always there to bring you back up if you were having an “off” day.


At the end of the month my energy levels had increased, my strength had improved and I lost some weight!"



"My goals were to generally get stronger, run faster, maybe lose a bit of weight, and be more disciplined. The Reboot really helped me and I can now do grownup press-ups, run easier and faster, I lost 2kg, and felt so energised. I loved the holistic approach that made me think about what I was putting into my body as well as the workouts. I loved the weekly & random challenges that kept things fun and definitely made me push that little bit harder.


But most of all I loved the support of this group; the pictures and posts really made me move myself on days I really didn’t feel it"



"The Reboot Challenge was the perfect kick-start to a more mindful me. The focus wasn’t just about exercise, or diet, or getting fit, but about setting, and being challenged to achieve, your own goals. You were encouraged to try things you might not otherwise do – whether that be push ups, meditation, or new recipes. There was enough competition to motivate those of us that thrive on that, but absolutely without any pressure, and fantastic support from throughout from Gemma and within the group.


Overall it was lots of fun, and I highly recommend it"



"The Reboot Challenge wasn’t just another exercise class, but a community where all of us were invested in each other’s journey towards our own health and fitness goals. The challenge takes a very holistic view of fitness, not only focusing on exercise, but also nutrition and mental well-being. 

Gemma is a fantastic trainer with an excellent knowledge of how to exercise and stretch the different muscle groups. She makes working towards personal goals fun and achievable, and I would highly recommend this Challenge regardless of age, or fitness level"


"Thank you so much for the February Reboot Challenge! I enjoyed every moment, even the hard parts. Gemma's encouragement, motivation, wonderful workouts and daily challenges were exactly what I needed to get me out of my comfort zone. I have seen such an improvement in my energy levels; I feel stronger and I have realised that I don't need coffee in the mornings, or my Friday night glass of wine.


I am also so grateful for all the wonderful and encouraging ladies I met, and already can't wait for the next one"


MANDY - England

"The Reboot Challenge was the best gift I could have ever given myself. Gemma always manages to get me to work a little bit harder, and I loved the way the Reboot was structured with the HIIT sessions, the Recipes, the Challenges and the Yoga.  But what make it extra special was the awesome community she created betwen the group. Everyone was so supportive, and it was so motivating to know we were all doing it together.


After 2 weeks I already felt so much fitter and energetic and I was a bit sad when we came to the end of the month! Gemma's amazing energy and positive attitude really gets you motivated, and I highly recommend her Reboots to everyone, no matter what your fitness level is"



"Thank You! This Reboot Challenge was exactly what I needed to get back on track after months and months recovering from a knee surgery. Not only did it give me inspiration and motivation to do proper regular exercise again, but also made me realise how important it is to include all these other aspects of health & wellness that are so easily forgotten in a busy life.


I am so inspired and motivated to continue my journey"

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