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Reboot Elements: Activities


 Read on to find out more about how the challenge works and what is involved.....


Each day you will have 5 challenges to complete;

Daily Workouts

Nutrition & Hydration Log

Steps Goal

Sleep Goal

Habit Change

Every time you complete a challenge, you earn yourself a point. You don't have to complete every challenge every day, but just choose the ones that meet your personal goal(s).



Each day except Sunday (day of rest!) you will be sent a 20 minute workout. The workouts combine all my favourite strength & conditioning moves for an efficient & effective workout. You will need a mini band and a set of light and medium weight Dumbbells for some of the videos. All the videos are follow along, so just press play to workout with me.


We also have a weekly 45 Minute LIVE HIIT ONLINE Class on a Wednesday morning, a chance to connect and sweat with the group.  This will also be recorded for those who wish to do it later in the week. 


In addition to the 20 minute workouts, and live HIIT class, you will also have access to our Reboot Workout Library of over 40+ workouts to choose from, if you wanted to add a little extra to your daily workout routine. 


daily nutrition 

A big part of the Reboot Challenge is keeping on track with your Nutrition & Hydration through logging your meals and fluid intake daily. Keeping yourself honest and being aware of what you eat, and drink, will help you get on top of making good nutrition choices.


Remember though, healthy food doesn't have to be boring food! 

The recipes contained within the Reboot Challenge Library are fresh, filling & full of flavour; they are simple and quick to prepare, and therefore you don't need to be a Master Chef to make them!

There are over 30+ breakfast, lunch, dinner & healthy snacks recipes to choose from. You certainly won't be stuck for recipe inspiration during the challenge. 

Poke Bowl with Salmon

 habit change

We all have habits we can identify that we would like to change to help ourselves feel healthier and happier, but making that change is the hard bit.

During the Reboot you will set yourself ONE Habit change to work on over the 4 weeks; each day you successfully complete the habit change you receive a point.  This could be a fitness related habit, a nutrition habit, or a lifestyle habit, you choose the one that feels right for you.

Habit change takes time, but consistency and determination, plus the support of the group, will help you make that change. 


motivation & support

Membership into the Challenge allows you access to our private Facebook Support group. Here you will connect with other Rebooters who are on the same journey as you; they will support, motivate & encourage you on both the good days, and the days when you may need that extra boost.

Being held accountable and sharing your highs and lows will really help you get the best out of the Reboot Challenge

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