Do I need to live in Switzerland to join the Challenge?

No; this is a online global program.  All you need is a phone, or laptop, and access to Zoom.  If you can't join the live classes, you can always do the recordings later.  All the information you need can be accessed via our Reboot Website & Private Facebook Support Group.  

Our challengers come from all parts of the globe, so it is truly an international challenge and a chance to connect with other Fitspo's from around the world.

Do I need to be a certain level of fitness to join the Challenge?

Absolutely not!  All you need is an exercise mat and a commitment to the challenge. The Reboot has been designed to be flexible and to reflect the fact that we are all on our own individual fitness journeys, and you will set your own personal goals for the 4 weeks. In addition all exercises and routines can be modified and adapted. We have high impact, low impact, strength training, yoga and meditation to choose from, as well as your own personal favourite fitness actives.

What are the Daily Challenges

You will be given a set of Daily Challenges to complete. Every time you complete a challenge, you award yourself a point on your Personal Scoreboard.

At the end of the week the points are collated, and the Winners are announced. You don't need to do all the challenges, just as many as you can to make sure you're hitting your personal goals.

What is included in the Nutrition part of the Reboot?

Firstly lets be clear, this is not a diet. It is about being mindful of the things we putting into our bodies; Are we getting enough of the essential nutrients? Are we drinking enough water? Are there certain snacking habits that we have, but didn't realise? You will be keeping a personal food diary as part of the challenge to keep you honest, accountable, and aware of what you are eating. You will also have access to a library of healthy & delicious recipes to mix up your meal time, and keep you enjoying your food.

I am worried as I work full time and have family commitments, will I still be able to do the Reboot?

Yes you will. I get it, it is not easy juggling everything, however your health and well being should be a key priority for you. The Reboot has been designed to be flexible so that you can do the workouts in your own time as they are all recorded, and we also have an on demand database of shorter sessions for that quick fix when you're short on time. Additionally you will decide how many challenges you wish to take on.  My advice, if you are time poor, is to focus on a few key goals for the month and totally nail those! Anything else is an added bonus.

How does the payment work? Can I join part way through the month?

Payment needs to be done upfront and in full before the start of the challenge. As soon as you have made the payment, you can then sign up to the private members section of this website where you will get access to all your workouts, recipes & challenge information.

Commitment needs to be for the full 14 days starting from 6th June. It won't be possible to join part way through the month.